Buy A Shofar

Hello, my name is Christian and in 1999 I purchased my first shofar.  The shofar was fully polished and played three notes and I loved it. Later, coming to the realization that the shofar can get five and some even six notes, I went looking for a better one. After paying a premium price and finding a premium select shofar that was absolutely awesome, I realized for the first time just how many differences can exist in the world of shofars.

In September of 2011, I went on my first trip to Israel where I met a wonderful gentleman who would later introduce me to the owner of the shofar manufacturing warehouse in Tel Aviv, Israel. After meeting the owner and spending a beautiful period of time with him, he introduced me to the possibility of bringing premium shofars to the states at an affordable price. That was the beginning of the mission to get Premium quality shofars in America!

Now I personally go to Tel Aviv to the warehouse and hand-select the very best shofars I can find out of literally thousands that are there. On average, one out of every 20 will truly meet my strict standards of being a premium selected shofar. They must have good harmonic sound, get at least 5 notes, be in the jumbo size category, and have great visual character and appeal. After choosing my select shofars, I then ship them to Texas where I  fine tune the instrument to my personal specifications for tone and ease of sounding.

The result of all this? You can have absolute confidence that when you buy a shofar from me it will be absolutely beautiful, virtually odorless if desired, very easy to sound, and most importantly will be a Kosher Premium Selected Shofar directly from Israel.

Shalom and let the Shofar sound!

blowing shofar